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Feed corn/Export/Domestic market

Created: February 27
Feed corn/Export/Domestic market
price: negotiable
Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
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+7 (863) 303-36-86Send message
eliteopttrade.regtorg.ru Seller's products
Feed corn

We offer a wholesale supply of high-quality feed corn of southern origin that complies with GOST. Our corn has a high starch content that is slowly broken down in the cattle rumen, making it a major source of energy in animal diets. Due to this property, the digestion process of the corn grain takes longer, allowing the nutrients to be fully utilized. Compared to other feed crops such as wheat and barley, corn is used effectively in cattle diets.

In poultry farming, the use of corn improves the yolk color and egg size, which helps improve the quality and grade of products.

Corn is also an important source of feed for pigs. It is used as whole grain or as a mixture loaded into silos. Corn has a high digestible energy (DE) and low protein content, making it an ideal feed for pigs.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality feed corn, contact us. We guarantee the quality of our products and reliable supply in wholesale quantities.


1. Application:

Voice your request and form an application

2. Conditions:

We discuss the conditions and send the proposal

3. Agreement:

We sign an agreement and get to work

4. Delivery:

We deliver within 1-3 days


We deliver products to: Volga Federal District, Southern Federal District, Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
Created: February 27
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Was online april 21 08:05
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