WET WIPES LLC "HYGIENE" invites Dealers in neighboring countries to cooperate Price on request
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WET WIPES LLC "HYGIENE" invites Dealers in neighboring countries to cooperate

Created: July 29 2023
The company "HYGIENE" LLC, engaged in the production of Sanitary and Hygienic Products, expresses its respect and invites you to consider the Commercial offer for the following products.
The company "HYGIENE" LLC is engaged in the production of sanitary and hygienic products under the brand name "ECO". It is important for us that the buyer stops on our product, because we focus on quality, feature and individuality. Thanks to modern high-tech equipment, highly qualified personnel, European ingredients, and high quality raw materials, we achieve the best product.
Also, our company puts great emphasis on an environmentally friendly product that quickly decomposes, does not harm the environment, does not cause allergies, which does not contain hazardous chemical ingredients, making our product suitable for people of all ages.
Sanitary and hygiene products offered by us under the ECO brand of the highest quality have successfully passed all laboratory tests, state certification, have a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, received a lot of positive feedback, and has its own permanent customer base throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Our factory produces personal care products and household chemicals, we are direct suppliers, so we can offer you the best prices and optimal delivery times.
The products belonging to us under the ECO brand comply with the state standard of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
We offer competitive prices, discounts, and exclusive partnerships for a specific region.
- Professional experience in this field.
- Professional trading team.
- Secure warehouse.
— Logistics.
- Implementation of the sales plan.
- Increasing the battery.
We look forward to mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation!
Sincerely, Director: Kurbanov E.B.
Tel: +998 99 329-17-20
+998 90 327-17-20
E-mail: hygieneuz@mail.ru
Created: July 29 2023
Was online july 29 2023 15:55
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Was online july 29 2023 15:55
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